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How it all began

March 05, 2019 3 min read

MERORA was created as a way to celebrate women in tech and encourage young minds to enter STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) fields. Using art as my creative outlet, I started creating designs, some about my journey as an engineer, some as a geeky twist to movements that were happening. It was so invigorating and liberating to do so. I remember so many nights of not being able to sleep, just thinking of new designs.  Every day after work I would refine the concepts that kept popping up in my head. 

I started sharing mock-ups with my friends and peers in the industry, and the rest was history. The enthusiasm and support I received was an astounding YES to get those designs on t-shirts and onto people. I started working with a printshop to get small batches produced, and next thing you know I had my own clothing line. It was crazy to me. People started buying them. Then they wanted more - more design, more styles, hats, totes, etc. I knew there was something special about MERORA. But never did I imagine that this was going to be more than just my designs on apparel and accessories. What I didn’t know was that I was going to build a network of amazing people who all also were looking for a way to support STEM and who had incredible stories of their own. 

T-shirts are a great way to communicate a message 

I love graphic tees. I own so many of them and I love wearing them to work with a blazer.

This is why MERORA started as tshirt designs. I wanted to wear graphic tees that represented my STEM roots. There really wasn’t anything out there that resonated with me - so I created them myself.  Each MERORA design has a meaning. They range from celebrating Women in Tech, to encouraging women to Rise Up & Rise Together, to promoting Inclusion & Diversity in the workplace.

As I developed these designs I partnered closely with my printshop, to ensure I was incorporating fashion trends such as foil and multi-color prints. I also tried on dozens of styles, cuts, and materials to make sure that every piece we printed on fit and felt good for a variety of shapes and sizes. My closet is seriously overflowing with various blank shirts in search of the right style.

An amazing tribe of thinkers and doers are the heart & soul of our brand 

As word started getting out about MERORA I was invited to pop-up at Tech companies, Tech conventions, and street fairs. Every pop-up has given me the most wonderful opportunity to connect with so many people who felt a connection to a design. I have had great discussions with male allies who are mentoring and sponsoring the badass women in their organizations to take their career to the next level. I have had tearful conversations with participants of the Women’s March, sharing how impactful and life-changing that experience was for us. I have had conversations with so many amazing teachers who are bringing tech to underprivileged communities in the bay area. Each and every conversation has had such an impact on me, and has helped me continue to invest in MERORA. I just feel so grateful to have met so many people who support this brand.

It has been an incredible journey thus far, and I am excited for the future. Thank you to everyone who has supported the brand. Every story, every purchase, every thumbs up as you walk by makes a difference. MERORA is proud to donate a portion of every sale to organizations that advance education in STEM fields to provide a platform to share the voice and experiences of so many talented and innovative people. And hey, we all geek out over something - and it's pretty cool to do so.